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Loch Ness Monster by Daily Mail.

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Strangeness this report was originally published as the first one being based on the conjunctions of journalism impress as much from Magazines at the time and the books as history with notes and queries.


On this date 75 years ago, a British surgeon's alleged picture of the Loch Ness Monster was first published in London's Daily Mail.

G2-class geomagnetic

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G2-class geomagnetic storm sparked unusual "electric blue" auroras. 20 Apr 18 New sunspot AR2706 is emerging this time with Solar wind

speed: 605.3 km/sec

density: 7.3 protons/cm3


Breaking first tonynetone

April midnight AURORA

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April midnight AURORA

Last night there was a brief larger display, after midnight AURORA SEASON taking pictures under the sky of Alaska display over Fairbanks, Alaska, G1 is Kp 5. on April 17th 18th 19th that hot spots with the correct polarity alignment no Solar wind speed just: 280.9 km/sec. The ABN Aurora webcam is down. It has malfunctioned The webcam is located on North Pole, Alaska, near Chena Lakes.

AURORA track from G1 is Kp 5 2018 Apr 17 report sunspot hole has opened in the sun's atmosphere, and it is spewing without solar wind toward Earth after equator sunspot.

Hidden Power of bussines television and broadband Pay-TV

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Hidden Power of bussines television and broadband Pay-TV Losses Could Accelerate to More Than 5 Million U.S. Households per Year st this time. Adult videos and privare content are secretly being hidden on YouTube and Facebook with a foreword by Apple evangelist propaganda.


THIS BOOK EXPLAIN Success, and Happiness in the Digital Age of the WWW as a prime standing of biggest success of all time for humanity, which will inspire you with amazing stories of well-known and everyday people who have transformed their lives through networking human potential and make meaningful connections.

Congratulations! Facebook has changed their settings

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Congratulations! Facebook has changed their settings because of your actions. Now let's keep the pressure on — can you ask Facebook to stop cross site tracking too?


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parallax measurement overtone Cepheid entering the instability terms of a stellar merger a simpler interpretation is anchored to rates of period change physical association between the Cepheid and its visual companion discrepancy between components A and B

investigate by tonynet

Mozilla's 2018 Internet Health Report

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Hey there

If you're reading this, you're one of the nearly 50% of people in the world on the internet. That also means 50% of the world's population still isn't online.


Mozilla's 2018 Internet Health Report and Editor Internet Tonynetone

Fox proposes selling Sky News to Disney

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after many misfats from this network Fox proposes selling Sky News to Disney Sky News The loss-making news channel has become a key focus of the CMA’s investigation, for political abusive propaganda.

TESLA on 7 March 1946

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Elektra on 18 January 1921 and renamed TESLA on 7 March 1946. Critical phases in its history, a make of automobile Tesla Misses Model 3 8,180 customers, missing analysts estimates $3.4 billion in cash on hand after its negative cash flow.


TESLA history

History in facts

1921 - company called Electra established

1932 - the company was bought by Philips - production of radio receivers

1945 - production of light bulbs, vacuum tubes and radio receivers started

1946 - national enterprise called TESLA, low voltage, and electronic plants established

1958 - production of transistor radio receivers started

1953 - first television transmitter and first directional connection came into operation

1991 - privatization, the company became joint-stock


commercial activities under the TESLA name since March 7, 1946.



italian corruption space africa

Palo Alto



Fremont decision

This was officially LOGO conglomerate in Czechoslovakia

NYSE to pay $14m in penalties over market disruptions

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The US Securities and Exchange Commission has charged the New York Stock Exchange and two affiliates with multiple violations related to market events including the tumult on August 24 2015, when selling pressure at the session open resulted in chaotic trading, delays and suspensions cover trading malfunctions and glitches that struck three times during 2015. The U.S. SEC charged the exchanges over the trading misdemeanours the violations include erroneously implementing a market-wide regulatory halt, negligently misrepresenting stock prices as “automated” despite extensive system issues ahead of a total shutdown of two of the exchanges, and applying price collars during unusual market related to high-profile events in recent years that have disrupted trading in the world's.