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Solar flares of near C that was called Hyder flares

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Solar flares of near C that was called Hyder flares, named for Charles Hyder, who published studies of such events in 1967.: Today, Oct. 18th, solar wind is blowing around Earth with less speed Solar wind speed: 349.1 km/sec polar geomagnetic storms to only 30%. Arctic auroras might be visible.


Issue Time: 2017 Oct 18 0610 UTC

A powerful double solar flare eruption took place beyond the Sun's east limb early October 18, 2017.

G. Stanley Hall

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The scientific pur pose of this organization was firmly established un der his guidance psychologist who gave early impetus and direction to the development of psychology in the United States, Hall in 1878 earned from Harvard University the first Ph.D. degree in psychology granted in America. Hall was given space for one of the first psychological laboratories in the United States the first president of Clark University, the first and only person to get Sigmund Freud to guest lecture in the United States, and the first president of the APA. The philosopher John Dewey American philosopher and educator was one of the first to use it. In 1887 Hall founded the American Journal of Psychology, the first such American journal who was a founder of the philosophical movement known as pragmatism, that mean pioneer in functional of psychology, A great teacher, he inspired research into all areas of psychology. as 14 doctorates in psychology granted in the United States. Freud’s only visit to the United States was at Hall’s invitation to the twentieth anniversary celebration of Clark University in 1909. In view of the suspicion and dislike that the psy choanalytic movement raised at this time, the invitation showed courage on Hall’s part. American psychologist G. Stanley Hall was a trailblazer in his field. He established the concept of child psychology and founded Clark University. He can easily be called the founder of organized psychology as a science and profession, the father of the child study movement, and as a national leader of educational reform.

NASA Herschel Week, highlighting

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significant NASA Herschel Week, highlighting

commissioned in July 2017, survey on extraterrestrials

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starting in Nevada commissioned in July 2017, survey on extraterrestrials conducted by 20th Century Fox.


Psychology Writers imaginative

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Psychology Writers unblocked and boosts imaginative thinking, say researchers over accuracy and logic measure divergent thinking also help people think more flexibly and avoid getting stuck in a creative rut, say psychologists that neuroscientists are just beginning to understand, at the moment scientists believe that the creative process springs as much from the subconscious as it does from a conscious thought process like divergent thinking, is needed to come up with original ideas: ones that connect previously force a creative solution by never letting up is a mistake of a number of things, or a part of something, taken to show to sitting in silence, listening to happy music boosted people’s scores on divergent thinking, but you must also step back and unclamp in order for ideas in your unconscious mind to bubble up and reveal the quality or state of what is true or right coupled with the formations of an opinion after consideration or deliberation as to action.

Nibiru coming Planet X is not alon

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Star is Nibiru or the planet of the crossing according to the ancient Sumerians ...

Nibiru coming Planet X is not alone It is almost impossible to hide Nibiru coming Planet X is not alone from September 2017 actually a mini solar system that is on its way crossing according to the ancient Sumerians confirmed NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and ESA’s XMM-Newton to see how the X-ray brightness of stars similar to the Sun behaves over time... September 2017 ... The post I wrote about thanks for breaking in.

Venus equatorial jet in the wind velocities

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Venus Climate Orbiter (JAXA) space probe tasked to study the atmosphere of Venus, now after wrong orbit, engineers placed it into an alternative elliptical Venusian orbit on 7 December 2015 that reported detecting a possible gravity wave that occurred on the planet Venus in December 2015.


Discovered an equatorial jet in the wind velocities based on image data from 12 July 2016 and that the jet existed at least two months after that.

The findings showed for the first time that wind velocities can be markedly high forming a jet near the equator, which have never been found not only in the scantily observed lower to middle cloud layers but also in the more-extensively studied high layers.


Observations by Japan’s Venus climate



Proxima b is the biggest exoplanet that was discovered at the end of the 80's and early 90's,

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The discovery of Proxima b is the biggest exoplanet that was discovered at the end of the 80’s and early 90’s, It is at least as massive as Earth, and may be several times more massive. than Earth, as gravitational attraction may be joined to the stars Alpha Centauri A and B. Connecting their ages constellations is important because it is very difficult to measure so possibility is that, Proxima b started out more like Neptune as pathways wide range of possible evolutionary requires sufficient time to originate and evolve. These are the facts we have and from them we must deduce whether Proxima b supports life our galaxy suggest that stars enriched in heavy elements like Proxima .

ocean receded more than 10 meters

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In Punta del Este, Uruguay, the ocean receded more than 10 meters caused by strong winds August 11 and 12, 2017

international Cassini-Huygen Scientists

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University College London finds molecule in Titan’s atmosphere. The international Cassini-Huygen Scientists analysing data gathered by the Cassini spacecraft have confirmed complicated molecules and their discovery was completely unexpected because of the chemical composition of the atmosphere (which lacks oxygen and mainly consists of nitrogen and methane)

project of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California institute of Technology, manages the Cassini-Huygens Science Mission Directorate, Washington, D.C. The Cassini orbiter was designed, developed and assembled at JPL..