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Mozilla's 2018 Internet Health Report

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Hey there

If you're reading this, you're one of the nearly 50% of people in the world on the internet. That also means 50% of the world's population still isn't online.


Mozilla's 2018 Internet Health Report and Editor Internet Tonynetone

Fox proposes selling Sky News to Disney

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after many misfats from this network Fox proposes selling Sky News to Disney Sky News The loss-making news channel has become a key focus of the CMA’s investigation, for political abusive propaganda.

TESLA on 7 March 1946

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Elektra on 18 January 1921 and renamed TESLA on 7 March 1946. Critical phases in its history, a make of automobile Tesla Misses Model 3 8,180 customers, missing analysts estimates $3.4 billion in cash on hand after its negative cash flow.


TESLA history

History in facts

1921 - company called Electra established

1932 - the company was bought by Philips - production of radio receivers

1945 - production of light bulbs, vacuum tubes and radio receivers started

1946 - national enterprise called TESLA, low voltage, and electronic plants established

1958 - production of transistor radio receivers started

1953 - first television transmitter and first directional connection came into operation

1991 - privatization, the company became joint-stock


commercial activities under the TESLA name since March 7, 1946.



italian corruption space africa

Palo Alto



Fremont decision

This was officially LOGO conglomerate in Czechoslovakia

NYSE to pay $14m in penalties over market disruptions

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The US Securities and Exchange Commission has charged the New York Stock Exchange and two affiliates with multiple violations related to market events including the tumult on August 24 2015, when selling pressure at the session open resulted in chaotic trading, delays and suspensions cover trading malfunctions and glitches that struck three times during 2015. The U.S. SEC charged the exchanges over the trading misdemeanours the violations include erroneously implementing a market-wide regulatory halt, negligently misrepresenting stock prices as “automated” despite extensive system issues ahead of a total shutdown of two of the exchanges, and applying price collars during unusual market related to high-profile events in recent years that have disrupted trading in the world's.

Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette

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Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette

Paid for with his personal funds—for North America desperate to serve as a military leader in the Revolution, despite a royal decree prohibiting French officers from serving in America. Shortly after arriving, the Continental Congress commissioned him a major general and he became a member of George Washington’s staff. Washington commended him for “bravery and military ardour” in the battle and recommended him to Congress for the command of a division.


of course of the next years, Lafayette more intensely pursued the glory he so desperately wanted. The Continental Congress charged him with leading an invasion of Canada. However, Lafayette met with much disappointment upon reaching the launch point at Albany, New York. Lafayette earned another commendation but this time for “gallantry, skill, and prudence” from the Continental Congress. Lafayette managed to secure leave and returned home to France at the beginning of 1779. That he played an extremely crucial role in securing 6,000 French troops for the American cause. After offering to serve without pay, and aided by his Masonic connections, Lafayette received his commission but it was dated July 31, 1777,


He also adopted a strategy similar to the one General George Washington had used thus far in the American Revolutionary War, that of limited engagement while preserving his forces.


French Revolution:


On December 29, 1786, King Louis XVI appointed Lafayette to the Assembly of Notables which was convened to address the nation's worsening finances. Arguing for spending cuts, Lafayette joined the new body and on July 11, 1789, he presented a draft of the "Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen."Appointed to lead the new National Guard on July 15, Lafayette worked to maintain order. Protecting the king during the March on Versailles he sunk further after the Champ de Mars Massacre when National Guardsmen fired into a crowd. Returning home in 1792, he was soon appointed to lead one of the French armies during the War of the First Coalition. Held in prison, he was finally released by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1797. Largely retiring from public life, he accepted a seat in the Chamber of Deputies in 1815.

BlackRock, which manages $6 trillion in money spending

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BlackRock, which manages $6 trillion in money spending

Financial News corporation based in New York City. Founded in 1988, BlackRock, which manages $6 trillion in money spending is charge with UK court that has ruled the near £2m bill charged also with managemant dismiss.


dana gas Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


Winter storm causes outages

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Winter storm causes thousands of flight cancellations

fallen trees and electrical outages. closed schools, businesses and government offices, grounded thousands of flights

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Historical Events 8 March 1817: the New York Stock Exchange is formed

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1817 The New York Stock Exchange is founded On March 8, 1817, the organization drafted a constitution and renamed itself the "New York Stock & Exchange Board with rented rooms at 40 Wall Street, a new set of rules and a constitution.

Historical Events 8 March 1817: the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is an American stock exchange on Wall Street in New York City. With a market cap of more than US$16 trillion, the NYSE is the world’s largest stock exchange, averaging US$169 billion in daily trading value in 2013.

8 March 1817, New York Stock & Exchange Board, later simplified to the New York Stock Exchange. Throughout the early 1800s, the NYSE expanded beyond government bonds and bank stocks. New York itself soon surpassed Philadelphia as the financial center or the United States.

Suppressed History of 1990 TO our days

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Suppressed History of 1990 TO our days maybe reflect the history of past, Third Reich than in the period before 1933 when the SS wasan elite security force whose principal aim was to protect Nazi meetings.

Islam and Christianity triads

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Biblical Scene report article about bible and koran religion violence propaganda - An analysis into whether the Koran is same violent like the Bible found killing and destruction occur more frequently into the Christian and Islamic. texts that work together like CIA and Russian