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Cape Denison in Commonwealth Bay, in East Antarctica The Secret of Penguin Poo

Posted by Blogweb on December 13, 2018 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Cape Denison in Commonwealth Bay, in East Antarctica The Secret of Penguin Poo


NASA published research presented 2018 Dec. 11 at the American Geophysical Union meeting in Washington, D.C

NASA We, think, had missed it in part OVER ALGORITHM because had previously surveyed one of the islands of the independent groups from governments a stunning drop in the colony's penguin population since 2011. East Antarctica, and subsequent fast ice expansion has dramatically increased the distance Adélie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) breeding at Cape Denison must travel in search of food. They found that the Adélie penguin populations likely peaked in the late 1990s and "has been on a slow but steady decline ever as a species that can provide an early-warning of threats to Antarctica’s delicate ecosystem so now satellite images of bird poo dotting the Antarctic coast are now providing how these groupings leave behind massive poop stains on the icy landscape, this hotspot of Adélie abundance here in the Danger Islands, we want to be able to protect it NASA affiliate reports. Penguins use their poo to melt ice so they can breed showed a significant amount of penguin poop on.

Andromedid Meteor Shower early December 2018 shut by tonynetone

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Comet Biela It was missed but successful admitted by Herschel in 1832. Andromedid Meteor Shower early December 2018 shut by tonynetone Rare Andromedid Meteor Lovell wrote in his comprehensive book, "Meteor Astronomy" (Oxford at the Clarendon Press, 1952.




Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent occupies Baghdad

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The imperial campaigns of Suleiman the Magnificent Capture of Baghdad 4 December (1534) a great military mind Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent occupies Baghdad also known as the lawgiver. Leader in many asian and european city in Ottoman rule.

Evidence We Are Not Alone

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Some ufos might be extra terrestrial and others maybe from this planet blue book report, you remember Project Blue Book was one of a series of systematic studies of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) conducted by the United States Air Force.

TV channels have shown how news are made

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Television virtual anchor to deliver the news TV channels have shown how news are made news operates as TV channels the most aggressive media in the world has proliferated in many years major news organization that uses sophisticated computer algorithms to write thousands stories.

Julia Agrippina

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Julia Agrippina

ROMAN PATRICIAN Born 6 November AD 15

Oppidum Ubiorum Cologne's history can be traced back to a time around Cologne was an imperial seat (260-274) under the rule of Marcus Cassianus Latinius Postumus and his successors, the former being the first emperor of the Gallic Empire (Imperium Galliarum) that emerged 260 AD when the western provinces of the Roman Empire broke away from Rome. when the Roman Emperor Augustus and his imperial governor Agrippa decided to found a new city where the Rhine emerges from the narrow river valley into the plain. She was recalled by her uncle Claudius, who married her in 49. Aided by the financial secretary Marcus Antonius Pallas, Seneca (the Younger), Receiving for herself the title Augusta, she persuaded Claudius to adopt Nero as guardian of his own son Britannicus. She was generally believed to have poisoned Claudius, to make room for Nero (54). In the first years of Nero's rule she was almost co-regent with him but, after Pallas had fallen in 55 and Burrus and Seneca turned against her, she lost her power. In March 59 she was murdered , to acting on Nero's instructions. She wrote an autobiography.


Please note The circumstances that surround Agrippina's death are uncertain due to historical contradictions and . All surviving stories of Agrippina's death contradict themselves and each other, and are generally fantastical as young and old militar to acting agaist Nero's.

Acer consolidated revenues

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Acer said that its profit hit its highest level in eight years with all regions, namely America, Asia, and Oceania continent high growth.

Acer Report today its financial results for Q3 2018: high consolidated revenues

Ensisheim Meteorite focuses on the asteroid or comet that hit at Tunguska

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The Ensisheim Meteorite. The story of the fall of the

Ensisheim Meteorite focuses on the asteroid or comet that hit at Tunguska


The Ensisheim meteorite is a stony meteorite that fell on November 7, 1492 in a wheat field outside the walled town of Ensisheim in then Alsace, Further Austria (now France). The meteorite can still be seen in Ensisheim’s museum, the sixteenth-century Musée de la Régence. The story as usually told is that shortly before noon on November 7, 1492, a meteorite fell in a field just outside the walled city of Ensisheim in Alsace. The only witness was a young boy who saw the single stone punch itself a meter deep into what is now the rich soil of the eastern French countryside.

Never published in the Meteoritical Bulletin

Find references in NASA ADS:


FIND MORE Monday, 10-nov- 2014, it turns out in Bright fireball and was a busy night for fireballs into south ovest sky." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">


Mysteries that astronomers of our days never solve

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Cosmic voids are vast spaces between filaments which contain very few or no galaxies. no special, unique, or privileged location in the gargantuan, perhaps infinite, Universe.


Mysteries that astronomers of our days never solve. The origin of the universe is one of them, and one that physicists, cosmologists, and philosophers have of the Big Bang the problem is understanding what happened to this astronomers that won't open a conversation to infinity universe, for example, cosmologists believe that one millionth of a second (10-6 second) after the Big Bang, quarks joined together to form protons and neutrons. But like all the other particles of matter, quarks appeared a long time before, probably before 10-12 seconds after the Big Bang. The matter in our universe this astronomers arranges in huge sheets and filaments of galaxy clusters wrapped around vast empty bubbles, like bread or a sponge. Even inside of galaxies space is almost completely empty; on the order of 1 atom per cubic centimeter and a star every few lightyears. But in the void between those galaxies, there is as close to nothing as you will ever find. The largest voids are on the order of a billion lightyears across. The plasma universe may be eternal and infinite, directly contradicting the Big bang model. In this picture, swirling streams of electrons and ions form filaments that span vast regions of space. Where pairs of these filaments interact the particles gain energy and at narrow “pinch” regions produce the entire range of galaxy types as well as the full spectrum of cosmic electromagnetic radiation. Thus galaxies must lie along filaments, as they are observed to do on a large scale. The bulk of the filaments are optically invisible from a distance, much like the related Birkeland currents that reach from the Sun and cause auroras on Earth.

Love Is Here To Stay TONY DIANA

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Love Is Here To Stay TONY DIANA

After celebrated duets with Lady Gaga Tony Bennett finds a deep affinity with jazz tony so diana choosing the perfect people to record, Diana Krall admirers are by not resigned to him and making duet shows, as -Love Is Here To Stay-


(Tonynetone Exclusive)