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With Mozilla Labs, latest creations, innovations, and cutting-edge technologies

Posted by Blogweb on December 28, 2018 at 12:55 PM

Mozilla Labs with a new site including Project Things, Spoke, Hubs and more -- Firefox is no longer the sole focus.

With Mozilla Labs, latest creations, innovations, and cutting-edge technologies for the greater good Mozilla once had a department dedicated to innovating. After the Mozilla Labs closed a few years ago, the name Mozilla Labs is now officially in use again.

Many innovations from Mozilla Will VR turn the internet upside down? Take Firefox Reality for a spin on a virtual reality headst and find out. Meet a T-Rex or make robots dance the Cha-Cha on the only internet browser made for VR, were once started as a project of Mozilla Labs. Well-known examples are Firefox Sync, Firefox's built-in PDF viewer pdf.js, the add-on SDK, which was virtually the predecessor of WebExtensions, Firefox's former Social API, Persona, a collaborative authentication service, as a experiment with your vocals and make every voice heard. Common Voice is a community project that will help virtual assistants understand people from diverse backgrounds and put expensive voice data at the fingertips of independent creators. and TogetherJS, the collaboration service which today still the collaboration feature of JSFiddle is based, or the learning badge program Open Badges. Of course, Mozilla Labs had many more experiments, not all of which resulted in anything fruitful.

Get together with your nearest or farthest friends on Hubs. Hubs is a coffee shop, a conference room or whatever you want it to be. Build your own virtual space or see why a VR space makes meetings feel more personal.

The new Mozilla Labs website is now available at Some of the projects that Mozilla lists may already be familiar to readers of this blog, others may not yet. In any case, looking at the projects quickly reveals the three focus areas in which Mozilla seeks to create innovation: mixed reality, language, and the Internet of Things.

Current projects of Mozilla Labs

Firefox Reality

Firefox Reality is the first cross-platform browser designed specifically for Virtual, Augemented and Mixed Reality.

Common Voice

Hubs by Mozilla


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